Terms of Use / Disclaimer

Terms and Conditions of Use/Disclaimer

What does the KiTa-Portal do?

The KiTa-Portal is a service provided by the city of Aachen, which is intended to make things easier for parents in their search for a childcare place. As interested parents, they have the opportunity to research their requirements and specifications for childcare provision in the city of Aachen and to find out about the individual providers, concepts, etc. Free spaces at nurseries are also displayed here. They can visit the KiTa-Portal without providing data about themselves or their child. This also applies both to research for available childcare places and to information about the participating facilities (important note: not all daycare facilities are listed on the KiTa-Portal. In order to find out about these facilities and register your child with them, please contact the desired facility directly.)

If you want to reserve a place for your child, you are required to provide personal data (first name, last name, date of birth, address, phone number, e-mail address, place of birth, gender, employment, nationality). In this instance, your data is stored on the city of Aachen’s servers and passed on to the relevant childcare facility, provided that you have given appropriate consent (see further information under “Data Protection”). Participation in the electronic advance registration is voluntary. You can still contact all the city of Aachen’s childcare facilities and independent providers directly.


The layout of the city of Aachen’s KiTa-Portal, the graphics and images used, and the individual items of text, are protected by copyright law. All rights, including  photographic reproduction, copying and dissemination by means of special procedures, are reserved by the city of Aachen and/or the relevant copyright holder.

Liability disclaimer/legal notices

The city of Aachen expressly reserves the right to change or add to the web pages, or to discontinue the entire provision temporarily or irrevocably. No guarantee or liability is accepted for the technical availability of the portal.

The city of Aachen therefore strives only to publish complete and correct information on this website. Liability for, or guarantee of, the up-to-date nature, accuracy or completeness of the information and data is only accepted in the case of intentional or grossly negligent behaviour on the part of the provider. No responsibility is accepted for direct or indirect damage to users’ legally protected interests that arises  due to changes or manipulation (particularly as a result of viruses) of the city of Aachen’s web pages and third-party websites linked to it.

(Access provider)

The following applies to identified links to other sites over which the provider has no influence and for the content of which the city of Aachen bears no responsibility:

1) The city of Aachen expressly states that, at the time of placing a link, the relevant linked sites were free from illegal content. The publisher has no influence on the current and future design or   content of the linked sites. It therefore hereby expressly distances itself from all  content of all linked sites to which changes are made after the links have been set up. This statement applies to all links on this website and to all  content of sites to which links or banners lead.

2) The city of Aachen is only liable for third-party information that it transmits. or through which it sends usage access in cases where it has initiated the transmission, selected the addressees of the information itself, or has itself selected or changed the information transmitted. The relevant provider bears responsibility for third-party websites that are referred to by hyperlinks.

(Host provider)

The city of Aachen is only liable for third-party information, which it stores for a user if it is expressly aware of the unlawful nature of the stored activity or information, or knows of facts, or circumstances due to which the unlawful activity or information was published. No liability is accepted if the city of Aachen immediately removes or blocks access to the unlawful information after becoming aware of it.

(Cache provider)

The city of Aachen is not responsible for time-limited automatic caching that serves only to speed up the retrieval of third-party information. Providing that it has not changed the information, that it observes the terms and conditions for accessing the information and the widely recognised and used industry standards for the regulation of information updating, the permitted use of data collection technologies for the use of information that is specified in widely recognised and used industry standards, does not interfere with and immediately acts to remove the stored information or to block access as soon as it becomes aware of the removal of the information from the network at the original point of transmission or the blocking of access to it, or has received an order from the legal or supervisory authorities to remove or block it.

The city of Aachen is not obliged to monitor or, depending on the circumstances, to research the information it transmits or stores that indicates an unlawful act.

All information or data, their use and registration on the website of the city of Aachen, as well as all associated performance, permission or omission, are subject solely to German law under the country-of-origin principle.

Legal effectiveness of the disclaimer

If parts or individual wording of this text do not, do not any longer, or do not fully comply with, the applicable legislation, this does not affect the remaining parts of the document in terms of their content or validity.