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The KiTa portal Aachen is clear and informative. Here you will find the publicly funded day-care centers of almost all providers in the city. Dear parents, you can easily choose the right KiTa for your children - by location, provider or special offers. The pages offer an initial overview of the respective facility - with meaningful pictures and brief information as well as a city map with the location of the KiTa.

Important for all future KiTa children and KiTa parents: The KiTa year always begins on August 1st of the respective year, so that almost all of the admissions in the KiTas take place at this time.

The reason for this is that the older children, who start school, leave the daycare on July 31st, meaning that the places for the new daycare children become available from August. We therefore recommend that requests for places in the KiTaportal be submitted for August 1st because there are usually no free places available at other times and the requests must be rejected by the facilities.

It is also important that your pre-registration must be submitted at least six months before the desired start of care in the KiTa portal.

This means that for your reservation for August 1st of the year, the reservations must be submitted by January 31st of the year at the latest, provided there is no unforeseeable or short-term need for care.


Pre-register online without obligation

After you have registered in the portal, you can pre-register your child online at a maximum of five institutions of your choice at the same time without obligation (if you receive refusals, you can send a new registration). Five active pre-registrations are always possible for the same start of care. After receipt of the request has been confirmed by the facility via the system, you can contact them to arrange an individual appointment to get to know each other on site at the KiTa. A binding reservation is only possible after this introductory meeting.

If you initially receive a rejection, it is possible and advisable to make a new pre-registration in another day-care center instead.


Help, Support

Service Center Call Aachen phone: +49 (0)241 432-45255