Frequently asked questions

Do I have to register in order to view the childcare on offer?
No. Non-registered users can also access the system to search for and view the childcare on offer. You have to register if you want to submit a request for childcare.

On what basis are the free places shown in the portal?
Places are shown as free on the portal when they have been free for at least three months. The results show the current status at the facilities.

How can I make a request for childcare?
In order to make a request for childcare, you must first register and can then submit a request to your chosen facility. If you want to actually submit a request, you must complete all the information fields marked as compulsory (indicated with an asterix (*)).

Can I only make a childcare request online?
No. The portal is just one way to make a childcare request. You can, of course, also make a request directly to the facility. A personal childcare request made to a facility will be handled in just the same way as an online childcare request made via the KiTa-Portal Aachen.

Why do I have to register?
You need to register if you want to submit a request for childcare.

Why do I have to give the first and last names of unborn children when I submit a request for childcare?
You need to give the first and last names of the unborn child so that the system can process the childcare request. Incomplete requests cannot be submitted or processed. You can also use provisional or "placeholder" information for unborn children, as you can make subsequent changes to the childcare request or the information in the facility.

Why is the phone number a compulsory field when submitting a childcare request?
The phone number is a compulsory piece of information. If clarification regarding your childcare request is required, this can be obtained using the phone number specified.

What does "priority" mean for a childcare request?
The priority indication for a childcare request relates to the selected facility. For example, if you put your name down for more than one facility, the priority shows the order of your favourites. Specifying priority 1 when you request a particular facility means that this facility is your absolute favourite. All subsequent requests (with priority 2 or lower or no specification) mean that you are less interested in these facilities.

What happens after I have submitted my childcare request?
Your request will be sent to your selected facility. As soon as you have introduced yourself personally to this facility, the facility can reserve your place.

Can a reservation be refused?
Yes. A reservation is a non-binding childcare request which helps the facility plan the expected requirement for places. There is no legal requirement for the provider or the facility to provide the pre-registered place.

How are places allocated?
You must introduce yourself personally to the particular facility. Your information will then be verified in the system so places can be allocated and contracts can be issued. Places are allocated on a decentralised basis via the facilities. The City of Aachen is the operator of the portal and has no influence on how the independent providers allocate their places. If you have any questions, please contact the particular facility or relevant provider directly.

Why do I have to introduce myself personally?
A personal introduction is required for security reasons so your identity can be verified. Your childcare request can only be considered in the allocation of places once you have introduced yourself personally and it has been verified that your request is not a sham or a hoax.

How do I introduce myself personally?
You are deemed to have introduced yourself when you have identified yourself in person to the particular facility and have showed them a document confirming your identity.


Why have I been refused even though it shows the facility has free places?
Even if it currently shows that there are free places, the facilities decide who gets which place based on the group and age structures, etc. If you have any questions, please contact the particular facility directly.

How can I obtain a place for a sibling in the same facility?
If one of your children is already being cared for in the facility, you can state this in your childcare request. These children are generally given preference when the facility is allocating places. However, the City of Aachen cannot guarantee this, as the final decision lies with the facility.

How can I contact the facilities in person or directly?
To contact a facility directly, use the contact details for the facility in the relevant portal profile. If the data you require has not been entered into the particular profile, please contact the provider.

What is a provider?
"Provider" denotes a person who runs a childcare facility and is responsible for complying with the German Child Education Act (Kinderbildungsgesetz, KiBiz).