Städt. Tageseinrichtung für Kinder "Kirchberg" Familienzentrum

Städt. Tageseinrichtung für Kinder "Kirchberg" Familienzentrum
Kirchberg 14A
52076 Aachen
Funding authority
Stadtverwaltung Aachen - Fachbereich Kinder, Jugend und Schule
Mozartstraße 2 - 10
52064 Aachen
02408/81252 (Frau Salentin)
Opening times7:15 AM - 4:15 PM o'clock
Closing daysDie Einrichtung ist an 20 Tagen im Kalenderjahr geschlossen, davon drei Wochen zusammenhängend in den Sommerferien. Hinzu kommen weitere Schließungstage aufgrund von Konzeptionstag, Karneval, Betriebsausflug o.ä. oder im Zusammenhang mit Umbaumaßnahmen/ Umzügen; diese Tage liegen im Ermessen des Arbeitgebers, dürfen laut Vorgabe des LVR jedoch die Gesamtanzahl von 30 Tagen im Jahr nicht überschreiten.
Foreign languages German, English
Extras Parents center


All six groups have bright lounges (one group room each and two adjoining rooms) with child-friendly kitchen as well as a laundry room and additional sanitary / winding area. The group rooms are equipped according to the needs of children with reading, painting and resting corners. "Sleeping children" find their sleep in the pleasantly furnished relaxation room. An additional multi-purpose room serves as a gym and offers space for the numerous  Community activities

Outdoor Facilities

The KiTa has a generously designed

Outdoor area with plenty of space for budding and romping

as well as a covered tread.

A large climbing landscape, a bird's nest swing and

Playhouses were able to provide children with a wide range of play and

Movement possibilities


  • With the, brought by the children, breakfast, the KiTa attaches great importance to healthy, balanced sugar-poor compilation, etc. with fruits and vegetables The daily lunch will be delivered by a caterer. The KiTa supplements the catering with raw food and dairy products. Nutritional issues are taken into account

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Offered care types at Oct 14, 2019:

Kind of carecount places
 Gruppenform II 45 h (Kinder von 0 - 3 Jahren)
27 Places
 Gruppenform III 35 h (Kinder von 3 - 6 Jahren)
12 Places
 Gruppenform III 45 h (Kinder von 3 - 6 Jahren)
43 Places

Overview of assignment

Gruppenform II 45 h (Kinder von 0 - 3 Jahren) Gruppenform III 35 h (Kinder von 3 - 6 Jahren) Gruppenform III 45 h (Kinder von 3 - 6 Jahren)
October 2019
November 2019
December 2019
January 2020
February 2020
March 2020
April 2020
probably free places
probably no free places
no information available


The basic building block of the ped. Concept is the game of the child, because "playing means learning time for life" Through the organization of the everyday life in the kindergarten Kirchberg the children receive a lot of time for free, self-determined play. For this purpose, the children in the day care center have a large room concept at their disposal and around the facility there is enough space to implement their numerous ideas in free play and live them out accordingly. The educators of the institution work situationally and support the children lovingly in their development. Through discussions and agreements, the children are involved in the organization of the daycare A good staffing also ensures a continuous support through a variety of educational opportunities In the pre-school year, the children can take part in special actions within the municipal family center u.a. at a water habituation training or swimming course in the teaching pool of the neighboring elementary school.


1 leader

1 permanent management

22 specialists z.T. part-time  

 10 complementary forces

  1 kitchen worker

Care providers are responsible for all profile content.
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